Payment and security

1 How do I receive my bill?

You will receive your invoice directly after the reservation by e-mail.

2 How safe is the reservation?

Your login is encrypted (128-bit encryption over SSL) and stored on secure servers, so your personal information is secured. For security reasons, we recommend that you do not give your personal password to third parties.

3 Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods:

Cash payment:

When picking up the reserved goods, you can also pay for your reservation in cash.

Credit card:

When picking up the reserved goods (s) you can also pay your reservation locally by credit card. We accept Eurocard / Mastercard & Visa.



1 Reserving for the first time? That’s how it works:

After you have placed all desired items in the cart it goes on …

Step 1: Log in or Register

Log in with your existing customer account or register as a new customer or simply reserve without a customer account.

Step 2: Enter billing address

Enter your billing address and pickup date.

Step 3: Select payment method

Choose between payment in cash or credit card when picking up the reservation.

Step 4: Check data and then send “Reservation”

Check reservation form again, if necessary change with the button “Edit”. Here you must also accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy and that you are over 18 years old at the time of ordering. Then click on “Reserve now”. Subsequently, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. The purchase contract is concluded by the collection of the goods. Please print all documents and keep them.

2 Why do I have to register?

By registering for a personal account, you can e.g. View your reservation, change your password, manage your address (s), etc. You do not need to reenter your full billing address each time you make your reservations. This saves time and prevents possible typing errors. You do not have to register, you can also make a reservation without creating an account as a guest.

3 What happens to my customer data?

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information and collecting, using and processing personal information only in accordance with the strict rules of EU data protection law. We comply with the strict provisions of the EU Data Protection Act. You can read more about our privacy policy in our Help menu under “Privacy“.

4 My items are not in the shopping cart

This is very likely related to your browser setting. Please set your browser to accept cookies. Based on the cookies, our shop can edit selected items for a reservation.

5 How do I log out of the shop?

With a simple click on “Logout” at the top of the screen you log out of the shop. Alternatively, you can also go to “My Account” on the link “If you are not XYZ, please log out.” click. If your name does not appear anymore, you have successfully logged out.


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